Titanium base welding metals in welding rod, welding wire, electrode, and bar form. Used for MiG, TiG, and Arc welding. Range from commercially pure titanium to titanium alloys and super alloys.

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ERTi-1 (Titanium Grade 1)ERTi-7 (Titanium Grade 7)3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr6Al-4v (ELI)
ER Ti-2 (Titanium Grade 2)ERTi-9 (Titanium Grade 9)CP-TiBeta C
ERTi-3 (Titanium Grade 3)ERTi-11 (Titanium Grade 11)6-2-4-2Beta 21
ERTi-4 (Titanium Grade 4)ERTi-12 (Titanium Grade 12)5Al 2.5Sn13V-11Cr-3Al
ERTi-5 (Titanium Grade 5)ERTi-23 (Titanium Grade 23)6Al-4V
ERTi-6 (Titanium Grade 6)15-3-3-38-1-2001