Weldtool supplies a large array of nickel grades for use in critical industries such as fabrication, oil, gas, petrochemical, and power generation. We supply a variety of MIG, TIG, coated electrodes, and flux core wire for your welding purpose. Weldtool can provide sizes that are typically difficult to find, and can also meet your specification or request.

INVAR 36 / 36TiMnHastelloy C-4Haynes 25Nickel 59Inconel 82Inconel 122
Pernifer 42Hastelloy B-2Haynes 214Nickel 60Inconel 92Nickel 141
Nilo CF36Hastelloy B-3Haynes 230-W®Nickel 61Inconel 601Inconel 152
Nilo CF42Hastelloy C-22Haynes 242Nickel 201Inconel 617Inconel 152M
Dura Nickel 301Hastelloy C-276Haynes C-263®Nickel 205Inconel 622Inconel 182
Deloro 50Hastelloy C-2000Haynes R-41Nickel 600Inconel 625Inconel X750
Deloro 60Hastelloy G-3Haynes 556Nickel 901Inconel 686CPTInco-Weld A
FM 69Hastelloy G-30Ni-RodNickel 903Inconel 718Monel 60
FM 99Hastelloy G-35Ni-Rod 44Nickel 909Inconel C276Monel 67
WaspaloyHastelloy SNi-Rod 55Inconel 52Inconel 725NDURMonel 187
Nimonic 80/20Hastelloy WNi-Rod 99Inconel 62Inconel 112Monel 190
Nimonic 90Hastelloy XNi-Rod 99XInconel 72Inconel 117Rene 41