Nickel Brazing Filler metals are available in wire, powder, foil, sheet, rod and paste form. Nickel brazing filler metal is often used when an application requires high temperature service characteristics, an excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in subzero applications. Nickel brazing metals are good for applications in food processing equipment, jet engine parts, and nuclear energy industries.

Product NameAWSAMS
WT BCo-1BCo-14783
WT BNi-1BNi-14775
WT BNi-1aBNi-1a4776
WT BNi-2BNi-24777
WT BNi-3BNi-34778
WT BNi-4BNi-44779
WT BNi-5BNi-54782
WT BNi-6BNi-6
WT BNi-7BNi-7
WT BNi-8BNi-8
WT BNi-9BNi-9