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Welding Alloys and Filler Metals. Exotic fine wire. Nickel Specialists.

Weldtool Technologies provides top-quality welding Alloys, Filler Rods and welding wires from 0.005" and above.

To the following specifications: UNS, AWS, AMS, ASME, federal, military, European, BS, OEM specifications and labeling, including single or double flag labeling, special drawn wires and custom products.

Weldtool TECH welding wire and stick electrodes are manufactured to ISO quality standards in USA Mills.

Exotic Welding Alloys:           

Silver Brazing Wire
Cobalt Alloys (Stellite™)
Copper/ Alloys
Mil Spec
Flag Tagging
Cutting & Straightening
Micro Wires .005 to .045
Nickel Based -Monels

Inconels ALL

Tungsten Alloys

Alloy W and X
Haynes Alloys
Special Metals
Carpenter Alloys
Stainless Steels
Tool Steels
Flux Core Alloys

Mild Steel
Private Label Welding Wire & Rods
Copper Nickel Plate/ Bar
Titanium Bar & Sheet
Cross reference
Custom Sizes
Export Packaging

AMS and AWS Grades. All Certified Chemistries from Major US Mills. Products produced in ISO 9000 & 9002 Facilities.

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